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Setting a good example for the children following a divorce

When parents get divorced, many things can have long-term impacts on their children. One is what happens with the children’s living arrangements moving forward. There are a range of possible living arrangements that could come out of a divorce. Some examples include:

Virginia makes child custody law change

When parents’ divorce, what child custody arrangement is ultimately put in place is very impactful. One type of custody arrangement is joint custody. This is when divorced parents share custody of their children. This is an alternative to sole custody, in which custody is granted to just one parent. Virginia recently passed a law that some hope will increase how often joint custody is used in the state.

Thoughts on seeking parenting time modifications

A divorce may have the effect of relieving the burdens you may have experienced when living under the same roof of your ex-spouse, but it may not alleviate the co-parenting issues you had during the marriage. You may still have issues with exchanges, calendaring events and even communicating with each other. Because of this, it is not surprising for a frustrated parent to seek court intervention to set a difficult parent straight.  These frustrations are commonly manifested in a motion to modify parenting time to restrict a parent's time with the children.

Why planning for spring break early can be helpful

It may seem odd to see sales for shorts, swimsuits and other clothing meant for sunny weather when there’s still snow on the ground, but retailers know that spring break is just around the corner for most school aged children and their families. So it is advantageous to prepare for those considering vacations in over the holiday weekends in February and March.

Tips for effective communication with your ex

Effective co-parenting starts with effective communication. While it sounds simple enough, broken relationships have complicated aspects that divorced (or separated) parents have difficulty moving past. (After all, if the parties had good communication skills, chances are that they would not be getting divorced.) Nevertheless, stable communication between parents is essential to a child’s development. The following tips can help.

What to do after a Thanksgiving parenting time dispute

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, especially when a holiday falls on a Thursday. Unfortunately, some parents who are separated from their spouses were not able to spend Thanksgiving Day with their kids. But with the long weekend, there are three more days to relax and spend time with family.

What should I know about the best interests factors?

Parents who are facing divorce may be concerned about losing custody and being relegated to “weekend parents,” where they only see their kids on alternating weekends and a spare night during the week. Indeed, Virginia family court judges are charged with making custody decisions based on the factors set forth in Virginia Code §20-124.3, also known as the best interest factors.

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