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A major limitation of maintaining separate accounts

One thing that has been growing in popularity among married couples in today’s world is maintaining separate finances. A Bank of America survey suggests that over a fourth (28 percent) of millennials go this route after they wed.

Keeping separate bank accounts and similar strategies can have many possible benefits. They can be helpful in money management, reducing the potential for financial conflicts and giving a spouse an important safety valve in the event of a crisis situation. However, it is important for couples to be aware of a significant limitation of these strategies.

A key step for keeping finances from causing co-parenting problems

After a divorce, there are many things that can strain a co-parenting relationship. Among these are fights over how financial matters regarding the children are handled. Such arguments can get very heated and can make it harder for parents to work together.

So, finding ways to prevent such fights can be very important for divorcing and divorced parents.

What happens with student debt in divorce?

Property is not the only thing of great financial impact that is divided in divorce. Responsibility for paying the debts a married couple has acquired can also end up being split.

Among the loans many individuals here in America take on are those connected to paying for the costs related to college or graduate school. So, it isn’t at all uncommon for a couple to be going into a divorce with a fair amount of student debt. When this happens, one thing a person may be very concerned about is who will be deemed to be responsible for these financial obligations moving forward.

Use a property division checklist to protect your legal rights

There is a lot to think about as you go through the divorce process in Fairfax. Property division is a complicated issue, and you likely have questions. 

Property division is an important part of your divorce. Creating a property division checklist is one of the best things you can do, as the organization associated with it can put your mind at ease.

Good economic times can see more divorces

Financial hardships can put a lot of stress on married couples. But, a couple getting to a strong position financially is no guarantee that a marriage will last. In fact, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers indicates that good economic times actually see relatively high divorce levels here in the United States.

In a survey of the organization’s members, a sizable majority of the respondents said that there actually tend to be declines in divorces when the nation’s economy is going through a downturn. Meanwhile, divorces often increase during periods of strong economic conditions, according to the organization.

The many ways grandparents support their grandchildren

Grandparents provide support to their grandchildren in many ways. This is underscored in the results of an AARP survey.

This poll was conducted last year. In it, over 2,600 U.S. grandparents were surveyed. The survey looked at a variety of things that grandparents do to help their grandchildren. This includes providing:

3 summer co-parenting tips

For divorced individuals who are co-parenting, different seasons bring different challenges with them. In summer, children's schedules and routines undergo a major shift with the end of school and the start of vacation. These changes can have the potential to add stress for divorced parents and their children. They can also become potential points of conflict within the co-parenting relationship.

However, there are measures that divorced parents can take to address the challenges of summer and help this season go smoothly and enjoyably for them and their family. Today, we'll go over three such steps.

Important considerations when buying out a home in a divorce

There are a range of things that could be done with the family home in a divorce. One is that you could keep the house, buying out your ex’s interest in it. When considering this route, there are many important things to think about. We’ll go over some of them today.

Addressing background differences (including financial) when getting married

Many engaged individuals come from very different backgrounds from one another. There are a range of ways that people address these differences as they get married.

As a recent New York Times article notes, one thing some couples have been doing lately on this front is having multiple wedding ceremonies. Among the things driving this trend is a desire by marrying couples to accommodate the varying religious and culture backgrounds of their families.

Guidelines for communication in co-parenting relationships

One of the biggest mistakes that parents make when they are going through a divorce is thinking that the situation has to be full of strife. It is possible to go through the divorce and remain cordial to each other for the benefit of the children. Make sure that you think about all the years you have to parent together so that you can stay focused.

You might not think too much about the co-parenting relationship when you first find out that you are going to get a divorce. During these early days, you might only be focused on trying to make it from one day to the next while setting up a new life for yourself. Still, it is best to start the parenting relationship off on the right foot.

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