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Investment concerns when getting divorced

Some couples go into a divorce with a large number of investments. What happens with such assets in a divorce can have major long-term impacts.

Often, investments fall under the category of marital property in a divorce. Most assets couples acquire during their marriage are in this property category.

Division of retirement plans and pensions in Virginia divorces

What happens with a couple’s retirement plans and pensions in a divorce can have considerable impacts. Today, we’ll go over some of the basics of how such assets are treated in divorces here in Virginia.

The portions of retirement plans and pensions that either spouse accrued during the marriage are usually considered marital property here in Virginia. So, in most cases, they will be eligible for division.

Are prenuptial agreements enforceable in Virginia divorces?

Prenuptial agreements (also known as premarital agreements) often contain terms regarding what will happen if a marriage ends in divorce. Will such terms be enforced in Virginia divorces?

Generally speaking, yes. State law allows couples to reach prenuptial agreements on a wide range of issues. This includes issues related to property division and spousal support. Generally, in divorces, courts will follow the terms of such agreements.

How high are child care costs in Virginia?

Child care expenses can reach pretty high levels for parents. Just how high depends on many things. This includes where a person lives, as average costs of child care vary quite a bit from state to state.

Where does Virginia sit when it comes to such costs? According to numbers from the Economic Policy Institute, Virginia is in the upper half of states when it comes to child care expenses. These numbers, updated in 2016, regard the average annual child care costs for children ranging from infant to age 3 in the states and the District of Columbia.

Addressing the financial risks of middle age divorce

In middle age, people can have many different financial goals for the future. This includes goals related to:

  • Retirement
  • Supporting adult children who are getting ready for or starting careers
  • Having the resources needed to cover future medical needs
  • Building up savings to further their life goals

Protecting your health in a gray divorce

Among the things that recent times have seen more of than past decades are gray divorces. These are divorces of older individuals. There are many things it is important for individuals to pay close attention to when getting divorced in their later years. This includes their health.

Divorce has the potential to come with psychological strains, such as stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms. While such strains can be impactful on people of any age, they can raise particularly major health concerns for older individuals.

Some assets raise special valuation issues in divorces

When determining what would be a fair division of property in a divorce, among the things that are looked at is how much the couple’s various marital assets are worth. So, valuation is often a big issue in Virginia divorces.

Now, many types of property shift in value over time. So, when a given valuation is done can matter quite a bit. What is the time of valuation for marital property in Virginia divorces?

When grandparents step in for parents who fall prey to opioid abuse

The opioid crisis has had many impacts here in Virginia and the rest of the United States. This includes major impacts within families. When parents are struggling with opioid addiction, their children could be at risk of not getting the solid parenting they need. In some instances, such children end up going into the foster system.

In some families, grandparents are stepping up when their grandchildren aren’t getting the parenting they need due to a parental opioid addiction. As a recent CBS News article noted, there are plenty of instances these days of grandparents taking up the role of raising their grandchildren when parents aren’t able to due to opioid abuse struggles.

The effect of other divorce issues on child support

Generally, when setting child support in divorce cases, Virginia courts use the state's child support guidelines. Many things impact what sort of child support arrangement will end up being reached under these guidelines. This includes what happens with other major issues in a divorce.

Today, we will go over the impacts three common divorce issues can have on child support calculations under the guidelines.

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