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Addressing background differences (including financial) when getting married

Many engaged individuals come from very different backgrounds from one another. There are a range of ways that people address these differences as they get married.

As a recent New York Times article notes, one thing some couples have been doing lately on this front is having multiple wedding ceremonies. Among the things driving this trend is a desire by marrying couples to accommodate the varying religious and culture backgrounds of their families.

Guidelines for communication in co-parenting relationships

One of the biggest mistakes that parents make when they are going through a divorce is thinking that the situation has to be full of strife. It is possible to go through the divorce and remain cordial to each other for the benefit of the children. Make sure that you think about all the years you have to parent together so that you can stay focused.

You might not think too much about the co-parenting relationship when you first find out that you are going to get a divorce. During these early days, you might only be focused on trying to make it from one day to the next while setting up a new life for yourself. Still, it is best to start the parenting relationship off on the right foot.

More millennials have prenups: What younger couples need to know

Prenuptial agreements, also known as marital agreements, are on the rise in the United States. Why? More millennial couples are creating prenups before they get married, according to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

Millennials understand that prenups are not just for wealthy couples. Prenuptial agreements can protect couples in a variety of ways. Younger couples are becoming more aware of the advantages of having a prenuptial agreement, even if they don't have significant assets.

Social Security can be an important issue in gray divorces

One of the special concerns for seniors when ending a marriage is how the divorce will affect their retirement. When coming up with a strategy for protecting one’s goals in a gray divorce, it is important to understand what impacts a divorce would have on the income streams one might rely on during retirement.

One common such stream is Social Security. An important thing for people to know is that, after a divorce, a person might be eligible for extra Social Security payments beyond what he or she could receive under his or her own work record.

Things to consider when starting a business with one's spouse

Some spouses share an entrepreneurial spirit and decide to start a business together. There are many things it can be important to talk about and plan for when going this route with your spouse. This includes what will happen if things don't work out.

Divorce and a child’s education: A complicated relationship

There are many concerns parents may have about their children’s future when getting divorced. For one, parents may worry that the disruptions caused by a divorce could pose roadblocks to their goals for their children’s education.

As a recent study indicates, the relationship between divorce and a child’s education is a complex one. This research points to many factors playing a role in how likely a divorce is to have major impacts on this aspect of a child’s future.

Are you protecting your financial goals during divorce?

The divorce rate continues to increase among older couples. Commonly referred to as "gray divorce," Pew Research shows a 109 percent increase in the divorce rate among couples age 50 and older in the United States.

Divorce at any age has financial challenges. However, older couples face unique issues that can significantly impact their retirement goals and overall quality of life after their divorce is finalized. Individuals age 50 and older should work with their divorce attorney to review their financial goals before negotiating their divorce agreement.

Can child support be changed?

Child support orders are supposed to be well-tailored to a given family’s situation. But, of course, families can undergo a lot of changes in their circumstances. When this happens, is a parent simply stuck with an ill-suited child support payment arrangement?

The answer is no. Child support orders can be modified after they are formed.

Many divorced individuals reluctant to talk about finances

There are certain things people may be hesitant to talk about after a divorce. A recent survey suggests this often includes financial matters.

In the survey, over 2,300 U.S. adults were asked about whether they talked about finances with their family.

What happens with a business in a divorce?

There are many situations in which a business owner may be worried about the future of his or her company. One is if he or she is getting divorced. Major concerns about what will happen with the business in property division can arise.

One thing that can add some clarity to the matter is if a prenup or postnup was formed that touches on the company. Such agreements can contain terms outlining how exactly a business will be treated in a divorce. These are a common tool for business owners to protect their interests in their company should their marriage end.

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