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Tips for talking to children about divorce

There are many tough, but important, conversations that come up when ending a marriage. For parents, this includes talking to their children about the divorce. Today, we’ll cover some steps separating parents can take when having such conversations to try to help make the divorce process easier for their children.

Reviewing tax returns can help with catching hidden assets

There are certain things that could endanger your ability to get the fair property division settlement you deserve when getting divorced. One is your spouse hiding assets.

When this unjust conduct occurs, it is important to detect it early. The sooner hidden property is spotted, the sooner actions can be taken to prevent the concealment from leading to an unfair outcome in your divorce.

Discipline an important issue for divorcing parents to address

Stability is critical for children when their parents are getting divorced. Among the things that can help with providing it is parents being both compassionate and consistent when it comes to discipline. It is common for children to act out in the wake of a divorce. How parents respond to this can have big impacts on the children's long-term well-being and emotional health. Being inconsistent, too lenient or too harsh could cause problems.

When getting divorced, it is very important for parents to coordinate on discipline. Among the things parents should consider having discussions with each other about on this front include:

Divorce can have impacts on your credit

There are many things it is important to protect during a divorce and its aftermath. This includes your credit. Today we'll go over some divorce-related matters that can endanger your credit score, and what steps can be taken in response to these risks.

For one, the changes brought by a divorce can put stress on your finances. This could make keeping up with your bills more difficult. Missing payments could lower your credit score.

When remarrying, prenups can help with addressing concerns

Remarrying often happens later in life, when people have accumulated more assets, are closer to retirement and may already have a family they are supporting. This can have major impacts on what their priorities are and what they wish to protect.

What will happen to my property? What about my retirement goals? A prenuptial agreement can help address your concerns before it's too late.

A key divorce consideration for parents of adult children

When parents whose children are all adults get divorced, child support proceedings will generally not arise. This is because, with a few exceptions (including an exception for significant disabilities), child support is typically only awarded in relation to minors here in Virginia.

However, this does not mean that costs related to adult children are irrelevant issues in divorces.

How to divorce-proof your business

Do you know how divorce can impact your business? Divorce can wreak havoc on your company in several different ways. That is why it is important to understand what can happen to your business during divorce, and what steps you can take to protect your company.

Different options are available to protect your business depending on what stage you are at in the divorce process. Here are some steps to take to protect your business if divorce is in the future.

Why financial documents are so important when preparing for a divorce

There are many things it is important for a person to have when getting ready for a divorce. This includes accurate information regarding income and assets. This can provide key insights on:

  • How much property was acquired during the marriage
  • The value of such assets
  • The potential tax impacts (and other financial effects) such property could have
  • How consistent owning such property would be with one’s overall goals
  • Whether any red flags are present that a spouse is hiding income or assets

What guides the decisions of Virginia courts in custody cases?

Divorcing parents are allowed to resolve child custody issues through agreements. But these issues can get very contentious, and circumstances sometimes make it so such agreements aren’t able to be reached. When this happens, the custody dispute will generally go before a court for a ruling.

What do courts here in Virginia consider when issuing custody orders in such cases? Under state law, their decisions are to be primarily driven by what is in the child’s best interests.

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