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March 2019 Archives

Texting and social media can be helpful tools for divorced parents

Among the things parents may be anxious about after a divorce is whether they will be able to maintain strong connections with their children. This can be an especially big concern among those who have not been granted much time with their children in a custody order. A recent study suggests that digital communication may be a big help for parents when it comes to addressing such worries.

Tips for talking to children about divorce

There are many tough, but important, conversations that come up when ending a marriage. For parents, this includes talking to their children about the divorce. Today, we’ll cover some steps separating parents can take when having such conversations to try to help make the divorce process easier for their children.

Tips for successful co-parenting

Parenting with an ex is difficult. How can you effectively parent your children if you cannot get along with the other parent? Challenges may arise, but there are steps you can take to improve your parenting relationship with your ex.

Discipline an important issue for divorcing parents to address

Stability is critical for children when their parents are getting divorced. Among the things that can help with providing it is parents being both compassionate and consistent when it comes to discipline. It is common for children to act out in the wake of a divorce. How parents respond to this can have big impacts on the children's long-term well-being and emotional health. Being inconsistent, too lenient or too harsh could cause problems.

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