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May 2018 Archives

More married Millennials keeping separate bank accounts

If last weekend's royal wedding taught us anything, it is that the norms and traditions surrounding wedding ceremonies and marriage are changing. Indeed many British traditions were augmented given that an American divorcee was marrying into British royalty, but it also exemplified the changing ideals that Millennials have about marriage and traditional roles.   

Electronic security after a divorce

When going their separate ways during a divorce or after the breakup of a long-term relationship, most parties will take tangible items such as clothes, furniture and vehicles. These possessions usually come with a sense of power and emotional well-being that help them end one chapter of their lives and begin a new one. However, they may not consider how important untangling their electronic relationship may be as they divorce.

Thoughts on seeking parenting time modifications

A divorce may have the effect of relieving the burdens you may have experienced when living under the same roof of your ex-spouse, but it may not alleviate the co-parenting issues you had during the marriage. You may still have issues with exchanges, calendaring events and even communicating with each other. Because of this, it is not surprising for a frustrated parent to seek court intervention to set a difficult parent straight.  These frustrations are commonly manifested in a motion to modify parenting time to restrict a parent's time with the children.

Thoughts on couples therapy before divorce

Suggestions to enroll in couples therapy can be met with mixed emotions. On the one hand, having a neutral third party to help resolve situations is inherently good for a marriage. On the other hand, there is a belief that therapy sessions are simply the precursor to a divorce. This begs the question of whether couples therapy leads more people to end their marriages and whether therapists actually advise troubled couples to divorce.

Divorce litigation is not easy. Here's a few reasons why

It may go without saying, but the process of divorce can be frustrating and exhausting. The anger and resentment that divorcing parties may have towards each other may lead them to believe that a divorce will just be a simple process where one party quickly concedes under the weight of persuasive evidence and simply goes away quietly.

Financial basics in divorce planning

For many people who decide to divorce, they may only consider the emotional aspects of such a life-changing act. They focus on what to tell family and friends, prepare what they may say to children or what they must do to obtain therapy. However, divorce actually comes with important financial implications, and it is critical that people are prepared for it.

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