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Posts tagged "Asset Division"

Good economic times can see more divorces

Financial hardships can put a lot of stress on married couples. But, a couple getting to a strong position financially is no guarantee that a marriage will last. In fact, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers indicates that good economic times actually see relatively high divorce levels here in the United States.

Important considerations when buying out a home in a divorce

There are a range of things that could be done with the family home in a divorce. One is that you could keep the house, buying out your ex’s interest in it. When considering this route, there are many important things to think about. We’ll go over some of them today.

What if your spouse is wasting assets?

There are many things that individuals might do in preparation for a divorce. Unfortunately, some spouses cross the line and engage in activity aimed at trying to unfairly lower what their soon-to-be ex would receive in property division in the divorce. One of the actions that sometimes comes up is a spouse wasting assets. This is referred to as asset dissipation. Generally, this is when a person spends or wastes marital assets in order to keep these assets out of the hands of his or her spouse in a divorce.

What can couples do to reduce financial fighting?

Finances have the potential to be a major source of argument within a marriage. And fights over money can have major impacts on a married couple’s relationship. Research has pointed to it not being at all uncommon for divorced couples to cite financial issues as being a factor in their divorce.

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