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Posts tagged "Divorce"

Social Security can be an important issue in gray divorces

One of the special concerns for seniors when ending a marriage is how the divorce will affect their retirement. When coming up with a strategy for protecting one’s goals in a gray divorce, it is important to understand what impacts a divorce would have on the income streams one might rely on during retirement.

A key divorce consideration for parents of adult children

When parents whose children are all adults get divorced, child support proceedings will generally not arise. This is because, with a few exceptions (including an exception for significant disabilities), child support is typically only awarded in relation to minors here in Virginia.

How to divorce-proof your business

Do you know how divorce can impact your business? Divorce can wreak havoc on your company in several different ways. That is why it is important to understand what can happen to your business during divorce, and what steps you can take to protect your company.

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