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Thoughts on divorce after a long-term marriage

If you are going through a divorce after a long-term marriage, you may feel sad, lonely and afraid. You may feel like you’ve wasted half of your life on a relationship that is no longer there, and your married friends may suddenly shun you because they don’t want their marriages threatened by you, as if divorce is a communicable disease.

Worried about an ex-spouse's tax problems following you?

Getting out of a troubled marriage is arguably the top priority for divorcees. Indeed, they want their fair share when it comes to dividing property and setting a parenting time schedule, but many divorcees may not think about the tax implications that an unscrupulous spouse can leave behind; only to be discovered years later when tax fraud accusations are levied.

Common tax issues you may need answers to

As we begin the first week of March, we know that this month is known for three things: the end of winter (and hopefully the end of snow), the NCAA Tournament, and the frantic rush to complete federal income tax returns. It is natural that our readers look forward to the first two, but getting tax returns ready may be anything but simple for those in the midst of a divorce or are completing their first tax return since finalizing one.  Simply put the uncertainty and questions that may drive them crazy. With that said, we offer a post that can help answer some of the most common questions you may have as a new (or soon to be) divorcee.

What financial infidelity could be a sign of

It is fairly common for financial problems to morph into marital problems, but when should a spouse be suspicious of financial infidelity? After all, every marriage has stages when money is good, as well as times when money is scarce. Nevertheless, ferreting out financial infidelity is important for a number of reasons. We will identify them through this post.

What to do if spousal support payments become overwhelming

When you first agreed to, or were ordered to pay $2,000 per month to your ex-spouse in support payments, you may have been okay with it because your income was sufficient enough to meet that obligation. Fast forward a few years and your income may have declined dramatically or you have had other life issues that have drained your finances. If this is the case, a motion to modify your divorce decree may be the right thing to do.

Three things to remember as you prepare for divorce

The break-up of a marriage can be the most emotionally difficult experience one must deal with in life. Some may feel like a complete failure, and that they wish they had additional opportunities to take things back and make the marriage work. Others may believe that a divorce is a God-send, and cannot wait until the decree is finalized so that they may start a new life.

Thoughts on January divorces

A few weeks ago, we posted on the decision disgruntled spouses had to make about beginning divorce proceedings during the holiday season. Essentially, we noted that it is not such an easy decision, and that each situation is different. Nevertheless, the holidays have come and gone, the decorations have likely been taken down and life (as mundane or troubling as it may be) begins once again.

Should I start a divorce during the holidays?

If you are in a marriage that simply makes you sick (literally or figuratively) chances are that you have thought about initiating a divorce long before the holiday season started. Nevertheless, you may be ambivalent about starting it at this time of year. After all, it’s supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year.”

How concerned should you be about electronic information?

One would think that infidelity would be easier in the 21st century, with so many tools available to initiate and maintain clandestine relationships. With text messages to burner phones, phony or temporary social media identities and private online personas, one would think that being caught cheating would be next to impossible.

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