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What if your spouse is wasting assets?

There are many things that individuals might do in preparation for a divorce. Unfortunately, some spouses cross the line and engage in activity aimed at trying to unfairly lower what their soon-to-be ex would receive in property division in the divorce. One of the actions that sometimes comes up is a spouse wasting assets. This is referred to as asset dissipation. Generally, this is when a person spends or wastes marital assets in order to keep these assets out of the hands of his or her spouse in a divorce.

What can couples do to reduce financial fighting?

Finances have the potential to be a major source of argument within a marriage. And fights over money can have major impacts on a married couple’s relationship. Research has pointed to it not being at all uncommon for divorced couples to cite financial issues as being a factor in their divorce.

What is separate property in Virginia divorces?

Many things impact what will happen with a given asset in a divorce. One of the bigger factors is whether the property in question is separate or marital. Marital property generally is eligible for division in a divorce, while separate property typically isn’t. Today, we will go over the basics of separate property in Virginia.

More married Millennials keeping separate bank accounts

If last weekend's royal wedding taught us anything, it is that the norms and traditions surrounding wedding ceremonies and marriage are changing. Indeed many British traditions were augmented given that an American divorcee was marrying into British royalty, but it also exemplified the changing ideals that Millennials have about marriage and traditional roles.   

Financial basics in divorce planning

For many people who decide to divorce, they may only consider the emotional aspects of such a life-changing act. They focus on what to tell family and friends, prepare what they may say to children or what they must do to obtain therapy. However, divorce actually comes with important financial implications, and it is critical that people are prepared for it.

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