Child support payments can be expensive. Of course, you want to provide for your child’s needs, but what happens if you lose your job? Can you get your child support payments lowered?

If you face a sudden job loss or long-term disability reducing your income amounts, you should consult your divorce attorney about getting a child support modification. If you take a new job that pays less, that can qualify you for a child support modification too.

Child support modification basics

You can request a child support modification in writing, in the state you provide child support to. It does not cost to file a child support modification, but having your lawyer review your request is a good idea to make sure it is clear and complete.

After you file for the modification, you will receive financial information documents you need to complete for the review. The modification process can take between 30 and 180 days, depending on how quickly the information needed is provided and local court scheduling.

Other information about modification

Child support levels are reviewed every three years to update or revise any financial information and calculate current support levels. They may need modification based on other factors too. You can consult your attorney about what those might be.

It is always better to seek a modification that fall delinquent in child support payments. You can face wage garnishments, fines and penalties, a driver’s license suspension penalties, denial of receiving a passport and more.