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The many ways grandparents support their grandchildren

Grandparents provide support to their grandchildren in many ways. This is underscored in the results of an AARP survey.

This poll was conducted last year. In it, over 2,600 U.S. grandparents were surveyed. The survey looked at a variety of things that grandparents do to help their grandchildren. This includes providing:

  • Financial support: Based on the survey results, it is estimated that the average amount a grandparent here in the U.S. spends on their grandchildren in a year is $2,562. This works out, collectively, to around $179 billion a year nationwide.
  • Care: Many grandparents play a major part in their grandchildren’s everyday lives. Of the surveyed individuals, around 10 percent live in the same home as their grandchildren and help with babysitting. Of those grandparents, around 5 percent serve a primarily caregiver role.
  • Guidance: It is common for grandparents to provide their grandchildren with wisdom and advice of a wide range of subjects. A good deal of the surveyed individuals indicated that they relish providing this type of support.

For many of the 70 million grandparents here in the U.S., serving an important supporting role in their grandchildren’s lives is something they care deeply about. Sadly, such individuals sometimes face roadblocks in playing this role. This includes the challenges that can be posed by financial struggles, busy schedules or living a great distance from their grandchildren.

Also, some grandparents encounter efforts by parents to keep them out of their grandchildren’s lives. When this happens, it can be critical for grandparents to get the full picture of their rights and legal options. Skilled family law attorneys can provide guidance on this.

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