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A key step for keeping finances from causing co-parenting problems

After a divorce, there are many things that can strain a co-parenting relationship. Among these are fights over how financial matters regarding the children are handled. Such arguments can get very heated and can make it harder for parents to work together.

So, finding ways to prevent such fights can be very important for divorcing and divorced parents.

There are various steps that can be taken after a divorce to help with this. This includes parents making sure to have regular, honest and respectful conversations with each other about financial issues related to the children. Today though, we will focus on a key measure that can be taken during a divorce to try to protect a future co-parenting relationship from money-related conflicts.

This is ensuring that the child custody and support arrangement that is reached addresses financial matters related to the kids in a detailed and workable way. Divorce orders and agreements can contain all kinds of terms on these topics. This includes provisions setting out how the responsibility for covering costs such as those for the children’s health care, education and extracurricular activities will be divided. Such terms can establish clear expectations for both parents when it comes to how child-related financial matters will be handled after the divorce. This can reduce the chances for surprises or confusion to arise in the future that could trigger co-parenting conflicts.

This is one of the many reasons why what terms child custody and support arrangements end up containing is such an important issue. Skilled family law attorneys can help divorcing parents with pursuing the right solutions for their family and future goals in custody/support negotiations and litigation.

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