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3 summer co-parenting tips

For divorced individuals who are co-parenting, different seasons bring different challenges with them. In summer, children's schedules and routines undergo a major shift with the end of school and the start of vacation. These changes can have the potential to add stress for divorced parents and their children. They can also become potential points of conflict within the co-parenting relationship.

However, there are measures that divorced parents can take to address the challenges of summer and help this season go smoothly and enjoyably for them and their family. Today, we'll go over three such steps.

Check the parenting plan

Parenting plans generally include terms on how time with children is to be split between parents during the summer vacation months. When getting ready for summer co-parenting, it can be important to look over these provisions. This can help with giving you a clear picture of what your rights are and avoiding mistakes that could lead to conflict with your ex-spouse and create legal problems.

What if you no longer think a parenting plan's terms regarding the summer are a good fit for your family? It is possible for such plans to be modified to adjust to shifting circumstances. When pursuing such a change, there can be complex legal issues to navigate. So, having solid legal guidance can be critical for parents seeking custody modifications.

Prepare in advance

While a parenting plan will generally cover the main issues related to summer custody, there are a range of small additional details to address. It can be wise to work out as many of these as possible in advance with your ex-spouse. This can help prevent future confusion, which can be a source of disputes.

Focus on good communication

Good communication with both your ex-spouse and children can help set clear expectations for how the summer will go, which can make things easier for everyone. Steps that can prove helpful on this front include:

  • Having honest discussions with your ex-spouse about summer custody issues
  • Talking with your ex-spouse about setting clear boundaries for the children for the summer months
  • Making sure to always be respectful when communicating with your ex-spouse
  • Being clear with your children about what the summer will mean for changes in their schedule

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