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Texting and social media can be helpful tools for divorced parents

Among the things parents may be anxious about after a divorce is whether they will be able to maintain strong connections with their children. This can be an especially big concern among those who have not been granted much time with their children in a custody order. A recent study suggests that digital communication may be a big help for parents when it comes to addressing such worries.

This research found that how often parents communicate with their children makes a big difference when it comes to strength of the parent-child relationship following a divorce. This includes communicating through social media and texting.

It appears that this was the case regardless of how good or bad the relationship was between the two parents.

A parent not having a lot of face-to-face time with his or her child after a divorce doesn't mean he or she is fated to have a weak relationship with the child. As the study points to, social media and texting can provide a parent with a route for keeping connections strong even when he or she apart from his or her child.

Given this, what terms child custody arrangements have regarding digital communication between parents and children is a very important issue. Such terms can set rules regarding such communication that allow it to serve its relationship-strengthening role and keep it from being a conflict-point between parents.

Skilled lawyers can help divorcing parents fight for child custody terms that both protect their children's best interests and allow them to maintain meaningful parent-child connections.

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