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When remarrying, prenups can help with addressing concerns

Remarrying often happens later in life, when people have accumulated more assets, are closer to retirement and may already have a family they are supporting. This can have major impacts on what their priorities are and what they wish to protect.

What will happen to my property? What about my retirement goals? A prenuptial agreement can help address your concerns before it's too late.

Prenups can include setting up protections for their retirement, accumulated assets, ability to support their children from a prior marriage and other important issues. If the new marriage does end in divorce, having such an agreement in place could help make the split less contentious and stressful.

The effectiveness of a prenup is impacted by:

  • The couple’s overall situation
  • How well-tailored the agreement’s terms are to the couple’s unique concerns and goals
  • How open and honest a couple is with each other when discussing whether to have a prenup
  • How the formation of the agreement is handled

Mistakes in a prenuptial agreement can make it difficult to protect you down the road. An attorney can help you understand what to include in your prenup to provide the most protection.

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