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Prenups can be tailored to protect a range of goals and interests

Divorce might be the last thing a couple wants to think about when getting married. However, giving some thought to the possibility of divorce allows soon-to-be-wed individuals to take steps towards ensuring that, should a split be in their future, their interests and goals will be protected.

One step that could prove helpful is forming a prenuptial agreement. In these contracts, entered into prior to marriage, couples can lay out terms establishing what rights each spouse would have in regards to property division and other financial issues (like spousal support) should a divorce occur.

Prenups can contain a truly wide range of terms. So, there are all kinds of interests that such agreements can be used to protect. When forming these contracts, it can be very important for marrying couples to make sure the terms included are carefully tailored to their situation and goals.

Also critical when making such agreements is complying with state laws regarding the formation process and what terms are enforceable. Straying from these rules could lead to a prenup (or some of its terms) being deemed invalid in divorce proceedings. This could cause it to be unable to serve its intended protective purposes.

So, how carefully a prenup is formed is among the things that can impact how useful it would prove to be for a couple should a divorce one day occur. Skilled family law attorneys can give Virginia couples guidance on avoiding formation missteps that could compromise such an agreement’s ability to protect what matters.

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