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January 2019 Archives

What guides the decisions of Virginia courts in custody cases?

Divorcing parents are allowed to resolve child custody issues through agreements. But these issues can get very contentious, and circumstances sometimes make it so such agreements aren’t able to be reached. When this happens, the custody dispute will generally go before a court for a ruling.

How to avoid costly mistakes during divorce

Divorce has a significant impact on your entire life. You are not alone if the financial implications of divorce have become one of your biggest worries. Poor decision making and planning during divorce can cause financial troubles, including long-term issues like not being able to achieve your retirement goals.

Prenups can be tailored to protect a range of goals and interests

Divorce might be the last thing a couple wants to think about when getting married. However, giving some thought to the possibility of divorce allows soon-to-be-wed individuals to take steps towards ensuring that, should a split be in their future, their interests and goals will be protected.

What income is counted in Virginia child support calculations?

The income of the two spouses has impacts in many different key issues in Virginia divorces, including child support issues. Under the state's child support guidelines, among the main figures courts use in calculating child support obligations are the gross incomes of the two parents.

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