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In today’s world, many children have lots of grandparents

Grandparents can play key roles in their grandchildren’s lives. And these days, it is pretty typical for children to have a high number of grandparent figures. Instances in which children have six, seven or eight grandparents and similar people in their lives are not uncommon in today’s world.

There are many things that have been suggested as playing a role in this trend of children having a higher number of grandparents these days. This includes:

  • The high divorce rates of the 1970s and 1980s
  • The recent surge in gray divorces (divorces of older individuals)
  • Increased life expectancies

The above divorce trends have led to it becoming more and more common for grandchildren to have grandparents who have split up and then remarried other people. And, at this same time, grandparents are generally living longer given life expectancy trends.

With many grandparents in their lives, children can be receiving support from many different fronts and have many significant grandchild-grandparent relationships.

Maintaining a strong relationship with their grandchild is something it is common for grandparents to have as a top goal. When a grandchild has a lot of grandparent figures, there can be challenges for a grandparent when it comes to pursuing this goal.

Among these are the scheduling challenges that can come from lots of grandparent figures wanting to spend time with a child. Grandparents and parents working together to find a schedule that is fair and workable can help with addressing such challenges.

Also, when there are lots of grandparent figures in a child’s life, there can be chances for disputes to arise among grandparents or between grandparents and parents. In some instances, such disputes might lead to a grandparent having his or her access to and chance to maintain a strong relationship with his or her grandchild blocked.

Depending on the situation, grandparents may have legal steps they can take towards protecting their relationship with a grandchild in the face of such a barrier. So, when a grandparent is being blocked from getting time with his or her grandchild, he or she may want to promptly get information and guidance on whether he or she would have grounds for pursuing visitation or custody rights.

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