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Do a child’s special needs have impacts on child support orders?

Many things can impact what kinds of financial concerns parents have regarding their children. One such thing is if their child has special needs. Children with disabilities can have many care needs that carry added expenses. Meeting these added costs is critical for parents in ensuring their children gets the care and support they need.

So, these costs are among the issues it is important for parents of children with special needs to address when getting divorced. Given this, such costs may be at the front of such parents’ minds when it comes to child support proceedings.

In Virginia, courts use a set of guidelines in calculating child support. Courts are allowed to deviate from the totals reached in such calculations when factors are present indicating a different child support level would be more appropriate given the specifics of the family.

A child having special needs in relation to a physical, mental or emotional condition is among the factors courts are to consider when deciding whether to make a deviation from the guideline child support level. So, a child’s special needs could have considerable impacts on what kind of child support order is ultimately reached in a divorce.

Now, every family with children with special needs has their own unique circumstances. When such a family is going through a divorce, what particular issues a child’s special needs will raise in relation to child support will depend on these circumstances. Divorcing parents with children with special needs can reach out for legal help when it comes to addressing their family’s unique child support issues.

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