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November 2018 Archives

What can stay-at-home parents expect to get during divorce?

Among all the concerns swimming in your head when considering or going through divorce, one of the most frightening is finances, especially if your spouse is the breadwinner of the household. What will you be left with? Will your quality of life drop significantly?

In today’s world, many children have lots of grandparents

Grandparents can play key roles in their grandchildren’s lives. And these days, it is pretty typical for children to have a high number of grandparent figures. Instances in which children have six, seven or eight grandparents and similar people in their lives are not uncommon in today’s world.

Do a child’s special needs have impacts on child support orders?

Many things can impact what kinds of financial concerns parents have regarding their children. One such thing is if their child has special needs. Children with disabilities can have many care needs that carry added expenses. Meeting these added costs is critical for parents in ensuring their children gets the care and support they need.

Setting a good example for the children following a divorce

When parents get divorced, many things can have long-term impacts on their children. One is what happens with the children’s living arrangements moving forward. There are a range of possible living arrangements that could come out of a divorce. Some examples include:

Self-employed? How to protect yourself during divorce

Self-employment has many advantages, from setting your own schedule to pursuing your passion while making a living. Individuals who are self-employed often must think quickly and creatively to address issues along the way. One issue that may cause considerable problems now and in the future is divorce.

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