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How high are child care costs in Virginia?

Child care expenses can reach pretty high levels for parents. Just how high depends on many things. This includes where a person lives, as average costs of child care vary quite a bit from state to state.

Where does Virginia sit when it comes to such costs? According to numbers from the Economic Policy Institute, Virginia is in the upper half of states when it comes to child care expenses. These numbers, updated in 2016, regard the average annual child care costs for children ranging from infant to age 3 in the states and the District of Columbia.

Virginia’s average came out to $10,438 a year. The was the 21st highest average in the country. In comparison, the highest was $22,631 (Washington D.C.) and the lowest was $4,822 (Mississippi).

So, Virginia parents can face relatively high child care costs. Now, how much in child care expenses a parent has can have many effects, including impacts when it comes to legal issues. Take, for example child support matters.

When a couple splits, child care costs can affect what child support arrangement is initially set up. This is because such expenses are among the financial factors that are generally part of the calculation of child support here in Virginia.

Also, high child care costs could raise legal issues after a child support arrangement is formed. For example, if such costs go up a great deal for a parent who receives child support, the increase could be grounds for that parent seeking a modification of the support order.

Skilled family law attorneys can guide parents through complex child support issues, such as those connected to child care costs.

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