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When grandparents step in for parents who fall prey to opioid abuse

The opioid crisis has had many impacts here in Virginia and the rest of the United States. This includes major impacts within families. When parents are struggling with opioid addiction, their children could be at risk of not getting the solid parenting they need. In some instances, such children end up going into the foster system.

In some families, grandparents are stepping up when their grandchildren aren’t getting the parenting they need due to a parental opioid addiction. As a recent CBS News article noted, there are plenty of instances these days of grandparents taking up the role of raising their grandchildren when parents aren’t able to due to opioid abuse struggles.

Grandparents who end up serving this critical role for their grandchild can face challenges. For one, this situation can be very emotionally challenging. It can be very hard for a grandparent to watch his or her child slip out of being the parent the grandchildren need due to addiction. Also, financial challenges can arise in connection to raising one’s grandchildren.

Are there any support resources you would like to see made more available here in Virginia to help grandparents with such challenges?

Grandparents can also sometimes face legal difficulties in connection to trying to give their grandchildren the parenting they need when opioid abuse makes it so the parents aren’t able to do so. For example, they may face difficulties in getting custody of the grandchildren. This could include a child’s parent fighting the granting of such custody. Skilled grandparents’ rights attorneys can provide grandparents who are facing such difficulties with guidance and assistance.

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