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The effect of other divorce issues on child support

Generally, when setting child support in divorce cases, Virginia courts use the state's child support guidelines. Many things impact what sort of child support arrangement will end up being reached under these guidelines. This includes what happens with other major issues in a divorce.

Today, we will go over the impacts three common divorce issues can have on child support calculations under the guidelines.

Alimony and child support

When it comes to the child support guidelines, among the very impactful things are the gross incomes of the two divorcing parents. These incomes play a major role in child support calculations.

Spousal support, when awarded in a divorce of parents, typically has impacts on what the gross incomes of the two parents are for child support purposes. The spousal support awarded generally is added to the gross income of the parent receiving alimony. Meanwhile, it is deducted from the income of the parent paying alimony.

Custody and child support

What happens with child custody in a parents' divorce affects what calculation courts are to use in determining child support. For example, when the parent with less custody time with the child gets more than 90 days of custody time annually, it triggers a special calculation.

Additionally, the specifics of a child custody arrangement are among the factors courts are to consider when deciding whether to make any deviations from the guidelines in a child support order.

Asset division and child support

Also among the deviation factors is what happens in the divorce with marital property that generates income or has the potential to yield income. So, how such assets are distributed in property division proceedings can have impacts on what a court ultimately decides when it comes to child support.

Skilled divorce attorneys can advise parents on how various factors, including what happens with key issues in their divorce (like those mentioned above), will likely impact child support matters.

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