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Protecting your health in a gray divorce

Among the things that recent times have seen more of than past decades are gray divorces. These are divorces of older individuals. There are many things it is important for individuals to pay close attention to when getting divorced in their later years. This includes their health.

Divorce has the potential to come with psychological strains, such as stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms. While such strains can be impactful on people of any age, they can raise particularly major health concerns for older individuals.

Divorce stress and the symptoms that can come connected to it could have the potential to have negative effects on a person’s physical health. This could include a worsening of preexisting medical conditions, something many older divorcing individuals might go into their divorce with.

Among the potentially health-impacting symptoms that can come with the psychological strains of a divorce are isolation, trending towards being more sedentary, increases in risky behavior and sleep issues.

Now, divorces can also come with some significant upsides for older individuals. This includes the benefits that can come from getting free of a marriage that simply isn’t working and any toxic aspects of that relationship.

What can older individuals do to protect their health when pursuing the upsides of a divorce? Here are some steps that can be taken:

  • Reach out for help when needed: This includes support from friends and family. It also includes help from professional sources, such as doctors and counselors.
  • Engage in healthy habits: This includes exercising, being careful about alcohol and avoiding isolation.
  • Reduce the stress of a divorce: Something that could help on this front is having solid legal support when getting divorced. Good guidance could reduce uncertainty in a divorce. This could make the process less stressful in general. Also, skilled divorce attorneys can advise individuals on what steps can be taken to lower the potential contentiousness of a divorce, which could also help with reducing stress.

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