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Does length of marriage matter in a divorce?

Some couples get divorced relatively early in their marriage. Others end a marriage decades after it started. However long a person has been married prior to a divorce, what happens in his or her divorce can have significant impacts on his or her future.

This does not mean, though, that length of a marriage is irrelevant in Virginia divorces. On the contrary, it can have significant ramifications on important divorce issues. Take, for example, asset division.

In Virginia divorces, marital property is to be divided between the spouses in a fair and equitable manner. Most assets that were acquired during a marriage are considered marital property. So, the longer a divorcing couple was married, the more time they had to build up such property. Given this, how long a couple was married prior to getting a divorce can have impacts how big and complex of property division issues the divorce raises.

Length of marriage can also have implications on how assets are split in a divorce. A marriage’s duration is among the factors courts are to keep in mind when deciding what would be a fair and equitable division of property in a given divorce.

Length of marriage is also on the list of things Virginia courts are to factor in when it comes to spousal support.

When getting divorced, it is very important for individuals to understand how the specifics of their marriage, including its length, could affect their divorce. Discussing one’s situation with a skilled divorce attorney can help with having such an understanding and learning what one’s circumstances mean for what divorce strategies might be best for the situation.

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