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Thoughts on the best time to file for divorce

The choice to end a marriage can be a life-changing decision that, like getting married, can have critical legal and personal implications. Because of this, choosing to divorce should not be taken lightly. While there are several instances where a divorce should not be initiated (i.e. before a family gathering, during a holiday) few people discuss the ideal times to start one.

This post will identify a few things to consider before filing for divorce.

Gather all of your important financial documents -  You may not realize it now, but divorce is largely a business transaction where scores of documents are scrutinized to determine how the martial estate may be equitably distributed (i.e. each spouse getting their fair share). As such, having documents detailing your assets and liabilities is critical.

Interview people you may need – Of course, you will need an experienced family law attorney, but having access to a family therapist, an accountant and perhaps a realtor and appraiser can make the process smoother.

Solidify your finances – During the course of a divorce, you must adjust to paying bills and living from one income. Even if you believe you will be awarded spousal support, there may be some time before it takes effect.

Decide how to inform the kids – While divorce is a life changing decision for you, it is also a substantial change for them. Your kids should know what is going to happen to them and how their lives will be affected.

Indeed, there is no one standard way to determine the ideal time to start a divorce. Every situation is bound to be different. Nonetheless, talking with an experienced family law attorney is a good start.

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