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Thoughts on divorce after a long-term marriage

If you are going through a divorce after a long-term marriage, you may feel sad, lonely and afraid. You may feel like you’ve wasted half of your life on a relationship that is no longer there, and your married friends may suddenly shun you because they don’t want their marriages threatened by you, as if divorce is a communicable disease.

Indeed, none of these feelings are uplifting, but you can take solace in a number of positives that come out of divorce. This post will highlight them.

The opportunity to reinvent yourself – There’s a saying that life is a constant rotation of adjustments. With that, you should relish the opportunity to take your life in a completely different direction. If you are financially able to do so, this may signal the opportunity to relocate, pursue a different career path or even reconcile past relationships.

Choosing happiness – Many people emotionally worn out from difficult marriages now find that they have a choice…to be happy. No longer weighed down by the weight of an emotionally trying marriage, they are in control of their own happiness, and this may unlock doors they previously believed could not be opened.

Knowing that you’re not alone – The number of baby boomer divorces continues to rise. While the circumstances behind them are different, one thing is certain: you are not alone. Even if you are ambivalent about dating again because you fear the stories about people’s baggage, just realize that everyone has something. Just know what you will and won’t deal with and everything will work out for the best.

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