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What financial infidelity could be a sign of

It is fairly common for financial problems to morph into marital problems, but when should a spouse be suspicious of financial infidelity? After all, every marriage has stages when money is good, as well as times when money is scarce. Nevertheless, ferreting out financial infidelity is important for a number of reasons. We will identify them through this post.

It can be a sign of physical infidelity – Strange charges or withdrawals can be a sign that your spouse is involved in an affair, or is secretly supporting an inappropriate relationship that she (or he) does not want you to know about.

Your spouse could be planning a split – It would not be surprising to learn that your spouse is planning an escape, and is financing the plan with joint marital funds. Again, he or she may not want you to know that they are making moves, thus the plan is kept a secret.

Your spouse could be supporting family members – You may have had frank conversations about giving money to family members who may be taking advantage of you. Your spouse’s kind heart may lead him or her to forget about those talks and support underachieving family members anyway.

It could be a sign of addiction – For spouses who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, they are more likely to keep their demons a secret and wage battles with them on their own. As such, they may sneak money from a joint account to support their habit.

Financial infidelity could also have legal consequences in the event of a divorce. To learn more about them, an experienced family law attorney can help. 

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