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Two important things to do after a divorce

One of the great things about divorces is that people can move on with their lives without the issues that plagued their marriage. More often than not, divorcees no longer have to deal with the money problems or emotional abuse that previously made them so miserable.

However, once the marriage ends, life still goes on and there are other things that must be done to protect your financial future. This post will highlight a couple of them.

Change your will – If you had a will while you were married, it is likely that you named your spouse as your executor. It is also possible that he or she was poised to inherit a large portion of your estate, and was probably a candidate to be a conservator as well. Since you are no longer married, you have to your will and any other related documents so that your ex does not cash in from your untimely demise. 

Check your credit report – If your ex agreed to pay off all of your joint credit card bills, monitoring your credit report is an essential step in protecting yourself after your divorce. If your ex fails to honor your agreement, you may be able to bring a contempt motion to hold him or her accountable. In the meantime, you should be mindful that the court cannot stop creditors from coming after you for payment; especially if you are joint holders on a credit card.

If you have questions about resolving post-decree financial issues, an experienced family law attorney can advise you. 

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