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What to do after a Thanksgiving parenting time dispute

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, especially when a holiday falls on a Thursday. Unfortunately, some parents who are separated from their spouses were not able to spend Thanksgiving Day with their kids. But with the long weekend, there are three more days to relax and spend time with family.

The extra days should be an opportunity to put things in perspective as the holiday season approaches. Thanksgiving weekend, like the holiday season, is a collection of days that define a time where families get together. This means that even if a parent is not able to spend time on the actual “day” of the holiday, there are additional times to share special time. Additionally, it is important for disgruntled parents to know that family court judges expect parents to share the holidays.

So if you are being shunned by one parent, he or she may have to answer to the court. 

Nevertheless, if a parent does not have court ordered parenting time, this may be a time to seek court intervention.  For parents with established parenting time that another parent has disobeyed, assistance from law enforcement is not something to be dismissed out of hand. Police officers enforce court orders as part of their duties. So while you may be hesitant to get the police involved, they can probably diffuse a tense situation while protecting your time.

If you have additional questions about parenting time difficulties during Thanksgiving, an experienced family law attorney can advise you.

The preceding is not legal advice and is provided for informational purposes only. 

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