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How concerned should you be about electronic information?

One would think that infidelity would be easier in the 21st century, with so many tools available to initiate and maintain clandestine relationships. With text messages to burner phones, phony or temporary social media identities and private online personas, one would think that being caught cheating would be next to impossible.

However, these modes of communication are anything but safe. If you are familiar with cyber-intrusion and unauthorized access of private email servers, you should know that unearthing hidden information about such relationships is entirely possible... and easier than you might think. 

Many people who use text messaging and social media may not realize that these communication modes can create a permanent record of one's transgressions. Even if one closes a social media account, the statements or pictures placed on it do not automatically disappear into oblivion. More importantly, the information on these sites is discoverable information that can be used in future legal proceedings.

It is important for social media users to understand that there is no established right of privacy on the web. An a growing number of divorce attorneys are turning to social media accounts to find information that can help their clients' interests. So like the old adage "what's done in the dark is always shown in the light" it should be expected that private messages and pictures would be sought by a vindictive soon-to-be ex-spouse.

If you have questions about how electronic information may be used in a divorce or contested child custody proceeding, an experienced family law attorney can advise you. 

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