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What happens in an initial consultation?

It’s hard to know what your first meeting with an attorney will be like. After all, many people don’t consult one until after something tragic happens (i.e. being in an accident, or losing a loved one).  While you may feel like you are alone in feeling nervous and unsure, take solace in knowing that this is normal. Nevertheless, initial consults with a family law attorney should accomplish three important goals, and this post will identify them. 

Identifying potential legal issues – Regardless of your situation, it is always good to identify potential legal issues that may arise during the pendency of your divorce. They may include continued payment on joint obligations (i.e. credit cards, mortgages, car loans), parenting time schedules, and monetary support. By identifying these issues early, the better the chances are of creating a solid plan to deal with them, or avoiding them altogether.

Learning more about the attorney (or firm) - An initial consultation is also a grand opportunity to meet and learn more about the lawyer you are choosing to have represent you. The relationship between you and your attorney is an important one, and it is helpful to learn how the person (or the firm) will work with you.

Provide preliminary legal information - Indeed, part of an attorney’s job is to counsel a person on the law and how it may affect their specific situation. A skilled lawyer will be able to evaluate your situation and explain what laws apply, and give you preliminary advice on what steps to take to achieve your goals. Keep in mind that with some initial consults, more information may be needed (that you may not have yet) in order to properly advise you.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals. 

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