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How to co-parent with a toxic ex

There are many reasons why an individual may consider his or her ex to be a toxic person. In some cases, this label may be given out of frustration or fear about an upcoming divorce. However, it may be necessary for Virginia residents and others to maintain a relationship with their former spouse or partner if they had children together. The best thing to do is to put the needs of the child first at all times.

It may also be a good idea to only talk to the other parent about issues pertaining to the child. This may make it easier to prevent an individual from triggering unpleasant behaviors or emotions that an ex may exhibit. Another benefit to limiting conversations to certain issues is that it reduces the odds of starting conversations about inappropriate personal topics. Parents should never speak poorly about each other when a child is present. This unfairly puts the child in the middle of something that he or she has no control over.

It may also put the child in a position where he or she doesn't feel comfortable being open and honest around either parent. Ideally, a parent will encourage a child to maintain a relationship with the other parent. However, this assumes that this person is not abusive or otherwise a danger to the child.

In most cases, both mothers and fathers may be entitled to have parental rights after a divorce. This is generally true regardless of how the parents feel about each other. An attorney may help an individual pursue rights such as joint custody, visitation or other contact with the child. Parents who wish to seek sole physical or legal custody of a child may also benefit from having legal counsel.

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