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September 2017 Archives

A clever way to enforce financial agreements in divorce

Going through a divorce is tough enough for many parties wanting to move on from their spouses. Enforcing a new divorce decree can be an entirely different battle, especially when it comes obtaining compliance with financial orders (e.g.  spousal support, child support). For example, according to U.S. Census Bureau data, a majority of those awarded child support do not receive the full amount awarded.  

Why you should take a co-parenting class during a divorce

Parents seeking divorces may feel insulted by the notion of attending a co-parenting class. They may feel that there is nothing wrong with their parenting skills and the classes will hardly be effective in helping them deal with a difficult ex. While there may be some truth behind those feelings, the basic premise behind parenting classes is to help couples cope with the difficulties of co-parenting.

What can I include in my prenuptial agreement?

News about celebrity prenups rarely disappoint, especially given the odd provisions that they commonly come with. For instance, they may come with weight restrictions, infidelity clauses, and rules about in-laws. But with more people waiting longer to get married, chances are that they will want prenuptial agreements to protect the wealth they have amassed before tying the knot.

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