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Domestic Violence Emergency Orders

Hottell Family Law Group, P.C., represents clients on both sides of alleged domestic violence. Unfortunately, physical violence can play a role in family disputes. Divorce, in particular, can be a very tumultuous time and the emotional intensity may lead to physical abuse. If spousal abuse, child abuse, sexual assault or another crime is taking place in your home, or if you have been accused of such behavior, it is important that you retain experienced counsel immediately to protect your or your children’s safety and defend your legal rights.

We Help Protect Victims And Defend The Falsely Accused

Protecting victims with emergency orders — If you or your child is a victim of abuse, we will help you pursue emergency and long-term protective orders prohibiting your alleged abuser from further contacting you or your children.

Defending the falsely accused — If you are falsely accused of committing acts of violence against your family members, we will defend you against protective orders that may prevent you from entering your home or seeing your children.

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