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How will I manage my Hottell Family Law Group legal fees?

Hottell Family Law Group aims to reduce your overall legal expenses without jeopardizing the success of your case and, whenever possible, will provide a realistic estimate of the cost of services. Hottell Family Law Group will notify you monthly of the expenses and activity in your case. Hottell Family Law Group follows the "team approach": the lead partner assigns certain aspects of a case to the associate attorneys and paralegals, when practical, to provide our best legal services, and reduce and manage your overall bill. Hottell Family Law Group watches its overhead closely. Hottell Family Law Group's business practices are efficient, conservative and economical.

Remember that you are billed for every phone call and email. Write down questions as they arise and ask several questions at once. It is usually less expensive to vent your frustrations to a therapist or counselor than to your attorney, so please consider keeping your conversations with Hottell Family Law Group limited to legal matters.

If you are merely relaying information related to your case, it may be better for you to give that information to non-attorney staff or even send it by mail, fax, or email. Office staff will immediately share important information with an attorney. It is the rare case that can be resolved overnight, so be patient. Resolving legal disputes takes time and, if your case is in the court system, you have to abide by the court's calendar. Hottell Family Law Group will notify you immediately of any developments in your case.

Ideally, you will have chosen your attorney based on reputation. Hottell Family Law Group bases its advice on years of experience with cases similar to yours. Do not sign any contracts or agreements without letting us review them first. Do not make side deals without first conferring with Hottell Family Law Group. Correcting mistakes can be very costly. Tell Hottell Family Law Group all facts you believe may be important, no matter how difficult or embarrassing it may be for you. The other party will always reveal the skeletons in your closet in an attempt to make you look less-than-perfect. It is much easier and less expensive to deal with damaging information as soon as possible. Pay your bill on time so that interest for late payments does not accrue. If you are having difficulty paying, contact Hottell Family Law Group at the first sign of trouble to discuss your personal situation.