Relocation of Minor Children

Hottell Family Law Group, P.C., understands the legal implications when one parent decides to relocate to another city, state or country with minor children, thereby creating greater distance from the other parent. Relocating with the children without the other parent's agreement is not as easy as one might think. The parent being left behind oftentimes objects to the children being moved further away, as it may impair the relationship the children have with that parent. There may be a court order or written agreement in place between the parents that addresses relocation, and sets forth the rights of both parents, or the issue may arise without notice and without any order or agreement. The court is sensitive to the effect that a relocation has on the children and the parents, and it has the authority to prohibit or allow the children to relocate with the moving parent.

Hottell Family Law Group Will Fight to Protect Your Rights in Relocation Matters that Affect Your Children

Hottell Family Law Group has represented many clients who find themselves faced with relocation, and has a track record of aggressively advocating for our client's position in court to either allow the relocation or deny the relocation. Relocation cases may be significantly impacted by how quickly the matter is brought to the court's attention and it is therefore important that you seek legal counsel as soon as a relocation issue arises.

If you are a parent faced with a decision to relocate away from the other parent with the minor children, or if you are the parent being left behind, Hottell Family Law Group can help protect your rights and aggressively advocate on your behalf.

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