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Hottell Family Law Group, P.C., will help you seek, modify, enforce and appeal orders from Virginia courts. When one's life circumstances change significantly, it can become necessary – and legally justifiable – to seek changes to the terms of child custody and visitation, child support and spousal support orders. Financial situations change. Schedules change. People leave old jobs and start new ones. They move to new locations. Children grow up and begin school or graduate from school. People remarry and start new families. Through negotiations and court proceedings, Hottell Family Law Group will help to ensure that you are protected throughout the inevitable changes that occur and that the court orders in your case reflect current circumstances.

Hottell Family Law Group Will Help You to Modify, Enforce, or Appeal an Order

Modifications Virginia courts have the power to grant modifications to existing orders for child custody, visitation, child support and spousal support when one party experiences what is considered a "material" change in circumstances. Such changes can involve:

  • Income Status. If your income decreased or your former partner or spouse's income has increased significantly, perhaps due to new employment, unemployment or a promotion, you may be able to secure a change in child or spousal support.
  • Living Arrangements. If you have remarried or wish to move out of the state or country, or if your former partner or spouse has a new live-in partner who is a negative influence on your children, for example, you may have grounds to seek an alteration of your custody and visitation order.
  • Child Care. If your former partner or spouse has a parenting deficit, such as an addiction or an overly-demanding work schedule that negatively affects your child's well-being, or if steps have been taken to correct pre-existing deficits, the terms of your child custody and visitation arrangement may be modified.

Enforcement — In addition to ordering parties to fulfill their obligations, Virginia courts can hold parties in contempt if they willfully violate court orders. If your former partner or spouse fails to pay monthly support, refuses to comply with a custody order, or fails to honor the terms of your property division agreement, Hottell Family Law Group will seek a remedy from the court.

Appeals — Hottell Family Law Group will help you appeal an existing order if you believe the court erred in its decision.

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