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Hottell Family Law Group, P.C., realizes that, even when a marriage or relationship ends, an individual's relationship with a former spouse or co-parent may continue for years. Matters pertaining to child and spousal support may arise as financial and living situations change and Hottell Family Law Group will help you navigate those changes.

Hottell Family Law Group founding partner Dennis Hottell is a respected litigator, lecturer and author on complex child custody and support issues.

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Child Support — Virginia courts have mandated clear guidelines for child support. Courts use variables to determine child support, such as the incomes of each parent, the custody and visitation arrangements enjoyed by each parent, the number of children to be supported, and any health care or child care expenses paid by each parent. The court has the authority to deviate upwards or downwards from the guideline support amount based on numerous factors. Hottell Family Law Group is highly experienced in child support matters and can advise clients on the applicability of the guidelines and whether a deviation is appropriate in the given circumstance.

Spousal Support In contrast to child support, there are no state-mandated guidelines for spousal support. In general, courts consider the financial needs of the person requesting spousal support and the ability of the other spouse to provide it. Courts analyze certain factors when determining spousal support, such as the comparative incomes for each party, whether one party has significantly greater assets, whether one party has more education or potential to earn money, or whether one party is responsible for the majority of the child care duties. Hottell Family Law Group has been remarkably successful in navigating this complex and often subjective area of support.

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